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Liem Swie King in 1973

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

1979 China vs Indonesia badminton friendly in hong kong

    China beat Thomas Cup champions HONGKONG, Sun. China beat their archrivals, Indonesia, in both the men's and women's events in the Hongkongbadminton invitation tournament here yesterday. The Chinese girls won the two final matches against Indonesia to score a perfect 5-0 victory. They clinched an unbeatable lead of 3-0

    This friendly preceded the one in Singapore in Feb 1980.

    Saturday, March 24, 2018

    Tang Xian Hu or Tang Hsien Hu or Thing Hian Houw or the Thing

    102 articles

    Yang Yang the badminton legend

    385 articles on Yang yang's playing career.

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    Tang Xian Hu and Hou Jia Chang-newspaper articles

    Eddy Choong -Articles on his playing career

    Everything you want to know about Eddy Choong the badminton player

    Rudy Hartono -everything you want to know about Rudy Hartono as a badminton player

    1969 All England Badminton Finals

    1968 All England Badminton Finals report,hartono&oref=article

    1983 Badminton World championship Finals results

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    1990 Uber Cup Final

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    1990 Uber Cup Final

      China gain revenge as Koreans are cut to size PETER SIOW reports from Tokyo on the Über Cup final and previews today's Thomas Cup final RESULTS China 3 South Korea 2 (Chinese first): Tang Jiuhong bt Hwang Hye Young 11-4 11-0 Huang Hua bt Lee Young Sook 11-5 11-7 Zhou

      1984 All england badminton stars,england,badminton&oref=article

      1983 All England QF results

      all-england RESULTS... Reuter RESULTS of all the quarter-final matches played in the all-Eng-land badminton championships at Wembley in London last night: Mea'i singles: Luan Jkn (China) beat Jens-Pe-ter Nierhoff (Denmark) 15-9 15 3 Tian Bingyi (China) beat Nick Yates (england) 15-12 15-2; Morten Frost Hansen (Denmark) beat Philip Sutton (Wales)

      1983 Badminton World Championships QFs

      Chinese offer triple treat BATTLE ROYALE Han Jian (China) v Jens-Peter Nierhoff (Denmark), Chen Changjie (China) v liem Swie King (Indonesia), Lnan Jin (China) v Prakash Padnkone (India), Morten Frost (Denmark) v Icuk Sugiarto (Indonesia). COPENHAGEN, Fri. The all-conquer-ing Chinese army continued their relentless progress m the world badminton championships

      1983 All england Results,england,badminton&oref=article

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      1976 All England Final,hartono&oref=article

      1978 All england badminton results,hartono&oref=article

      Hartono bows out to Liem [ARTICLE + ILLUSTRATION]
      hartono bows out to Liem LONDON. Sat The reign of Indonesia's rudy hartono as the world's greatest badminton player came to an end at the AU-Qigland Championships at Wembley today when he was beaten 15-10. 15-3 b

      1975 All england semi finals,hartono&oref=article