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Zulfadli cuts ties with KLRC

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tan Aik Mong getting back into the groove

China's Qin Jin Jing wins Badminton Gold in 2nd Asian Youth Games in Nanjing

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Run up to Rio Olympics-The Four Heavenly Queens of Badminton

Ladies singles in badminton up to Rio 2016
promises to deliver exciting times,with the game
increasingly more like Men's Singles and the players
with skills and physical abilities inherited from and
likened to those of the legends both of past decades
and the present :
The Four Queens :

1) Li Xue Rue- Powerful and athletic like a young
Lin Dan but likely to develop like LD with further
developments in "softer" racquet skills like net play,
defence,counter attacking,placements and accuracy.
If speed and pace is not further enhanced she could well
be seen as another Ye Zhao Ying the shotmaker.
2) Ithanon Ratchanok-18 and still growing with racquet
skills like Rudy Hartono and speed about the court like
Susi Susanti.Likely to become physically stronger
and more devastating in her already subtle and deceptive
strokes becoming more like like Lee Chong Wei.
The Speedy Gonzalez of badminton! Ariba!
3) Carolina Marin-Physically strong and good court
coverage,with further developments in racquet skills.
Probably resembling Tina Baun and a female version of
Chen Long.
4) PV Sindhu-Tall and deceptive and growing stronger
and faster.More developments in footwork and likely to
become a modern day female version of Prakash

Matches amongst the four promise to be breath-taking
ones with battles requiring exceptional strokes and court
movement unlike Men's Singles which is moving in the
opposite direction,becoming even more physical and based
on fitness.

Definitely better value than future sequels of Rocky 1,2 etc.
featuring LD vs LCW.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lee Chong Wei explains how he lost the 2013 World Badminton Championships

In his own words he was

1) Suffering from the heat

2) Unable to play with the drift
    (as there were no more easy points
    from opponent's mistakes.)

Easy to comment as a spectator but he could
have contrived an alternative tactic.Or perhaps
he was too tired from past matches to play at
a high level in the still air of the hot stadium.
His opponent took to the heat and stable environment
like a duck to water.But it could actually work either way.
It must really take a genius in sports science or
thermodynamics to be able to guess  his actual condition
and be able to create an artificial change in the atmosphere
to take advantage.Maybe Zhu Ge Liang was that genius.
Hats off to Zhu Ge Liang.Ever wonder why the alleged
manupilators of the air con did not think of turning the fan
speed up instead to create more turbulence and confuse
the players but to please and cool the crowd (including the VIPs
from the BWF?).Again only Kong Ming can have the
brilliance of a magician to predict and control how the drift is
going to behave on that particular day and time.
Which means that other people are not that clever to respond
to change.

So next time we learn that to beat LCW simply :
1) Play him under hot and humid conditions
2) Manipulate the drift in the stadium a few times by
adjusting the air conditioning as he cannot adapt to
changes or even when the envcironment has reached
equilibrium ie still air.Cannot Ubah?

LCW is not actually saying all these things to offer as
an excuse,in fact he is just being blunt and honest.Its those
Ah Bengs and Ah Lians supporting him that are twisting all
words to offer as excuses.In fact LCW is a legend in his
own right.

In the women's singles 18 year old Ratchanok had enough
control and flexibilty in her strokes coupled with variety to cope
with both playing ends and was able to tie up Li Xue Rui's less
versatile game in knots.

As LD said,sports is cruel.The winner has to be very strong
and crafty. Winner not whiner takes it all. Is that anything new,
analogy in GE13? Its true all those comments about people
with weak mental strength.

But can we do anything to help LCW? YESSSSSSS!!
Here's what we can do :
We bring along a bomoh who can change winds
1) When the air gets hot and still he can direct supporters
to scream Boleh at the top of the lungs to blow the shuttle
in whatever direction desired.Or he can ask them to take
out those strange paper fans people bring into air con stadiums
and create a Mexican wave to create artificial drifts and cool.
the air to create drift to advantage.
2) Another way is for Bomoh to orchestrate the screaming of
Boleh so loud that it will pierce the ear drums of the opponents.
China players have no defence against high pitch screams.
Malaysian players ear drums can tolerate high decibels because
they are always listening to loud music with their headphones or
have to tolerate everyday for decades the monkey noises made
by the cunning politicians in power.

Just make sure it doesn't backfire and turn into a disadvantage.
Not to worry, such tactics are acceptable and not tantamount to
cheating as they  have always been practised.So we are using our
human capital to fight against machines!
Fight hot air with hot air!

Friday, August 16, 2013

How to end China's domination in world badminton

I have a humble suggestion how the international

badminton community can end China's domination.

First we on the internet and media must at every

opportunity badmouth Li Yong Bo and the CBA

on how they are abusing their position and also

bullying and in cahoots with the BWF.Create rumours

if possible to tarnish their image.

In particular we should target LYB,once he has been

slain team China would be headless and then we can

move in. Then China will no longer dominate badminton,

then we move in onto their sports system so they will also lose

out in the Olympics and finally we sabotage their

economy so that they will be broke.

But we must be careful that we do not score an own

goal and shoot our own foot in the process.

When China becomes a dot in badminton,all the big

bucks and sponsorships will be gone and we end up

begging like squash.

When the Chinese economy collapses so will all of us.

Our biggest customer gone!

Setuju? Boleh?

So are you with me? Ubah,Ini Kali Lah, since team

China is now at its weakest with LYB winning only 2

golds in the World Championships , lets sabotage him

now before he resumes his winning ways!Just look at

the effort ,resources and sacrifices countries like Japan,

India,Thailand and Indonesia have made to keep up with

China. All we can do is whine,bitch,sabotage and bad-mouth

the winners at no expense,do nothing but scream Boleh while

our ancient feudal warlords of the land gorge and enrich

themselves at others' expense.

Clever,no?One day Malaysia will rule the world

because of our superior creativity and hot air. Then

when China collapses all people of Chinese origin can once

again be looked down upon and bullied everywhere they

go in the world as was during the days of  Imperialism

or before Bruce Lee.


Just like Ku Klux Klan and Perkasa I am now setting up a

society called Overseas Chinese Trojan Horse Club

( OCTHC) in which overseas chinese with only

SOME knowledge of the language and culture can spy

on and infiltrate China on behalf of our adopted country,

with the eventual aim of oblitering the vermin or subjugating

them,once we get rid of the 1 billion people there we can

take over everything or plant our godfathers there as

bosses and serve them there.This is to show our gratitude to

our hosts who provide us economic refugees with shelter

and also to express our loyalty to our countrymen who

have long exploited us and encouraged us to leave.

Please contact me here if you want to be an office bearer

in my new club.Act now, my crystal ball tells me that in future

if you dont kowtow to China they will drop more bombs

into your country than world war two and occupy your

country for your oil.

Imagine what we can achieve, China took more than

2000 years to achieve unity peace and stabilty ,and

decades to achieve economic success,imagine how we

little rats can undo all the hard work just by sowing

discord  with things like Tian Ann Men and bring about

chaos again!

You're a better man than I,Gunga Din.

Lee Chong Wei can be a future political star

Maybe he can strike a working relationship

and symbiosis with minister KJ and look

forward to many raids and plunders in the future.

The MCA certainly can use him.

Another Michelle Yeoh in the making.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

BWF confirms 2013 World Badminton Air Con issue

Ironic isn't it that a Malaysian player

used to playing to hot,humid conditions

would deem it a disadvantage to play

others from temperate climates under

these conditions.

Maybe LD has been genetically altered

to make him more adaptable like a reptile.

That's cheating worse than Lance Armstrong

or the US sprinters or even many Malaysian


Perhaps the truth is that LCW is no longer

young as before and he was unable to fully recover

from the semis and the loss is actually not related to

the heat, period.

The same thing happened to Chen Hong in the 2001

and 2003 All England when he played two very exhausting

semi matches against retriever Roslin Hashim only to fade out

due to exhaustion in the finals against Gopichand and Hafiz.

2013 World Badminton Air Con controversy not cool for badminton

I am more inclined to believe that the organisers

were asked to shut down the air con at a certain stage


1) The powers wanted a final that is not disrupted
by the annoying draft but had not anticipated the rise in
temperature would cause the players so much distress
physically.A good final marred by collateral damage.
All large venues suffer from drift made more complicated
by the air con and playing conditions could vary according
to the time of day,weather outside, the hours the air con
has been running and also crowd capacity.It is a whole area
of technology called air balancing for comfort and in the case
of badminton,managing the drift which can come and go

2) It is possible that home ground advantage was used
in that the playing conditions were deliberately altered
to suit one player. But that is debatable as playing with
no drift is not necessarilly and advantage to either, nor
the heat build-up as both should be affected. Unless they
have really rehearsed the event of playing with no air con
with a full capacity crowd, it is difficult to see it as an

3) There is a 3rd possibility that the air con was never
turned off at all and kept low all day and heat really built
up after 5 hours.It would even be more unthinkable to
try to turn it up as it will create drift. In fact the rise in
temperature was already felt by the 4th final when the two
Men's Doubles pairs requested for a change to slower
speed shuttles (instead of protesting about the heat).
Answer 3) would certainly stop all suspicions on
1) and 2) but whether it is likely can only be answered
by a HVAC engineer experienced in managing stadiums.
It is also the explanation offered by the Organising
This sounds reasonable as experience in attending events
show that some halls are too cold and some too hot,or
get colder or hotter as the day drags on and seldom
perfect and it would be unthinkable to alter the fanspeed
or thermostat as this would ultimately affect the drift.In this
present case perhaps because of the temperature outside
and a possibility that the event will be held with minimum
draft that spectators were already ready with paper fans to
cool themselves should the temperature build up,as is normal
in many past events.Perhaps the spectatators knew that the
air con would be shut at some time as has happened previously
in the semis and had paper fans ready.Luckily LCW won the
semis otherwise the BAM would blame the air con.It is no
surprise that organisers want to save energy somehow
nowadays because of sustainability and global warming issues,
just like how they try to save money on the reception party.
Remember that the event was OUTSOURCED to a 3rd party
as an Independent Contractor (outside the Client's control) and
had to watch the bottom line as the BWF insists on reaping 80 %
of the returns. I for one prefer to watch TV in the comfort of my
home.Most of the BWF officers were in the stadium, they
probably feel the heat and what they and spectators are getting
after deducting their 80 %.

That is why Lin Dan explained that players prefer to play
in the small halls in Europe with no drift and air conditioning
problems.Certainly no one would be brave enough to own up
as to the decision to alter the air conditioning .

As in any civilised society : Innocent unless proven guilty.

For laughs and an insight on simpleton thinking :