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Prakash Padukone in 1983

1976 Thomas Cup Semi-Indonesia vs Thailand Day 2

1976 Badminton-ABC vs IBF

Hard to believe but badminton pre-80s was an European dominated sport.

1976 Thomas Cup Semi-Indonesia vs Thailand

A memorable match shown live on TV. Bandid Jaiyen dazzled Sumirat with his net faints.Sumirat was subsequently replaced by Liem Swie King in the finals against Malaysia.

1965 All England Badminton results

1967 All England Finals

1970 Thomas Cup Asian Zone Finals-Indonesia pip Japan 5-4

1970 Malaysian Badminton Fans

Bolehan fans of today resemble the thug like frenzied fanatics of indo in the 70s

1970 Thomas Cup -Malaysia vs Denmark Semis Day 1 Results,cup&oref=article

1970 Thomas Cup Final Day 1

1970 Thomas Cup-Malaysia vs Denmark Semis Day 2 Results,cup&oref=article

1970 Thomas Cup-Malaysia vs Denmark Semis Day 2

1976 Thomas Cup Semis-Malaysia vs Denmark

Gunalan on how the Danes were beaten.

1973 Badminton-Rudy Hartono suffers string of losses

1977 All England Badminton results,delfs&oref=article,delfs&oref=article

1975 Third World Invitational Badminton Tournament

Liem smashes his way to World title KUALA LUMPUR. tx Sun. Llem Swie King, of Indonesia, smashed his way to a 15-4, 15-13 win over Fleming Delfs, of Denmark, tonight to become the men's singles champion at the World Invitational badminton Tournament ht.e. Second seeded Llem took only 34 minutes


1978 Asian Games-China Team Members

Also results of 1974 Team Event

1966 Penang Open Badminton Championships-Yew Cheng Hoe defeats Rudy Nio

1966 Asian Games-Malaysia beats Indonesia in team event

1967 Tan Aik Huang

1966 Player of the year Aik Huang had his fair share of jealous and bitching rivals just like Lin Dan
 today and Hartono in his hey days. 

1966 Perak Open Badminton-Tan Aik Huang and Rudy Nio

1967 Indonesian Thomas Cup preparation

Nowadays its Malaysia who is the loudest but the tribal war dance is not

in the form of drums but chants of "Boleh' the famous propoganda slogan

invented by Mahathir to implement the Ketuanan mindset.In fact Malaysia

is increasingly more like the Indonesia of old. Chants of Boleh are even

loud enough to drown out drums and even echo throughout matches.

Most places in the world plan to advance forward, here it is one of the

few places who prefer to move backwards and become more primitive

and divorce itself from the rest of the world.

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1976 Asian Badminton Team Championships

1980 China vs Indonesia Badminton Friendly Draw

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1973 China vs Denmark Badminton friendly

Liem Swie King in 1973

1949 Malaya Thomas Cup team beat Wimbledon Club

1975 All England Badminton Film

there was actually a film of the 1975 AE between Sven Pri and Hartono in the Singapore museum.

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1966 All England Badminton Film

There was actually a half hour film of this event in existence

1973 China vs Malaysia Badminton friendly

Some analyses of Tang Xian Hu and Hou Jia Chang's abilities.

1983 All England Badminton

There are no records of the full results of the 1983 All England Finals.
It is confirmed though that Frost beat Tian Bing Yi in the semis as Liem Swie King did not compete
in the AE,. It is probable that Luan Jin's opponent in the semis could have been Prakash Padukone.
Prakash was to beat Luan Jin in the 1983 World Championships later.
The Ladies singles was won by Zhang Ai Ling.

1979-Liem Swie King banned from competing

1966 Badminton-Tan Aik Huang Player of the Year

1967 All England Badminton Finals

1966 Perak Open Badminton-Tan Aik Huang beats 16 year old Rudy Hartono

1967 Badminton Invitational Tournament-Tan Aik Huang defeats up and coming Rudy Hartono

A very famous game shown live on TV.

1973 China vs Msia Badminton Friendly-Dominic Soong partners Gunalan and defeat Hou Jia Chang and Tang Xian Hu

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Eddy Choong and other Malayans commented on Hou Jia Chang.

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Lee Chong Wei's Wedding Party-With Li Yong Bo,Bao Chun Lai,Taufik,Koo Kean Kiat,Darren Liew et al