Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lin Dan the favourite in 2013 World Championships

No kidding? He may not even last one round.

After being away from competition so long

he's even rustier than a rusted ironman.

Even Li Yong Bo knows he is there more

to promote business for the BWF.

Lee Chong Wei speaks for Koo -Tan

Monday, June 24, 2013

BAM rewarding Mediocracy?

Mediocracy is the norm in nearly ALL local public

institutions. Why harp on a particular one?

Its not only badminton that is doomed, every institution

(except the strangely efficient Inland Revenue Department)

suffers the same malady and deserves the same criticism

and treatment.

Bashing the BAM repeatedly gives outsiders the impression

that it is solely a BAM problem, when in truth everyone here

knows that it is a national or more particularly cultural problem.

We have for example national bowlers forgiven for committing

statutory rape.If BAM had listened to the clowns not only Khoo

and Tan but Darren and Chong WF would have been fired long ago.  

Outgoing Nadzmi on the BAM

Here we have a rational and intelligent person

(unlike most of his political bethren) doing a balancing

act and trying to reach an optimum solution.

Much better than the noisy and loud-mouth monkey fans

screaming for blood and unable to see the big

picture and offering no constructive, workable solutions and

always benchmarking results to a vastly different past.It is

more pragmatic to forget the past and learn to compete

with the new kids on the block elsewhere.

All success stories have their ups and downs through time

and that is why we must learn history.

Rexy Maniaky is coaching director of Indonesia

Rexy certainly qualifies as not only is he a coach

but he has some experience working in a big

badminton organisation with all kinds of characters

and should be able to get on with people at all levels.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Malaysia Boleh today-The pain that just won't go away

What people dont realise is that this slogan

depicting blind optimism represents the archaic

mentality and mindset of  certain people in the

70s and 80s,championed by our Father of Corruption

and that lives today and is reflected in some 70 % of

these people still having the mindset of lazy,dependent

and backward scroungers and parasites after half a

century of affirmative action.

In fact the propoganda has worked so well that these

bums really believe that they "Boleh" and start to behave

like Nazis persecuting,ostracising and sabotaging other

communities and believing that they are better off without

others feeding them,fanned by our Father of Corruption,

the ultimate Anarchist.Boleh?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sports Science and Malaysian sports

From the mouths of babes and sucklings