Saturday, May 24, 2014

The impact on world badminton if Japan lifts the 2014 Thomas Cup

I am not a fanatic who supports badminton by nation
but I really believe that if Japan wins the Thomas Cup for the
first time,it will change entirely the scenario of world badminton.
When Japan beat China, they showed the world how to play badminton
with their positive,skillful samurai attacking badminton,as opposed to the
negative safe badminton played by China.Think what badminton would
become if China's negative defensive badminton had prevailed.
As it is the fact the 4 countries in the last 4 of the Uber Cup are :
1) China-world's 2nd largest economy and highest population
2) Japan-world's 3rd largest economy and a high tech nation
3) India- world no.2 in terms of population and a growing economy
4) Korea- A high tech economy.
Not only that the 4 nations are all ancient civilisations who have made their
mark and paved the way in human civilisation and their combined
population and economies form a substantial part of the world.
The fact that Japan and India are making their presence felt will
push China to do better and will make badminton even more popular there
and worldwide.
If the Thomas Cup is won by a little mouse of a nation,it will not do much
good for badminton as a whole as it will only benefit a small group of
people and in the long run the more numerous parasites feeding off them.
That is not to say that either nation must win,may the better team win as it
is good for worldwide promotion and in the long term the winner ought to
be one who can give the sport a shot in the arm worldwide.
Japan is very focused in winning this time,the fact that the men's team did
not even turn up to support their women in the Uber Final as they must have channeled their energies to the Final.Expect the Japanese to fight like
devils and demons in the final,and to a lesser extent Malaysians playing for personal glory and the extra cash rewards,which will corrupt their spirit
and morale in future campaigns with their greed.
The noble of Malaysia do not mind feeding the poor and needy in this full employment country,they simply resent to being tricked into fattening the
already rich fat cats and corrupt.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Proposed changes to future Thomas/Uher Cup events.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

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