Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Chairman for BAM

Peter Gade comments on 2013 Badminton World Championships

Monday, July 22, 2013

Juliane Schenk on 2013 World Badminton Championships

Violence finally arrives on the badminton court in 2013 Canadian Open

At last,badminton joins the big league with violence

between players on court! Hot on the heels of  Football,

Ice Hockey etc.

Now those fanatical and blood-thirsty sub-human fans can look

forward to crowd violence a la the 60s of a certain 3rd world

country or maybe assasinations as in Tennis (Seles) or Ice Skating

or legendary Taufik Hidayat pioneering the act of assaulting

spectators Eric Cantona style!

This must be the ultimate in "sportsmanship" that the demented

and fanatical fans demanded,players from the same country

competing against each other fervently and even shamelessly

coming to blows in front of the TV with no regard for the image

of their country and becoming a worldwide laughing stock!

I can see it now, Lin Dan clubbing Chen Long or maybe China's

women's doubles pair having a hair pulling henfight on TV!

Badminton ratings will surely soar like wrestling! No more match

fixings and half fought matches amongst own countrymen! Pure

sportsmanship and really fierce competitive spirit,individual

before country! Maybe this can be a good lesson for the disqualified

women's doubles pairs in OG 2012, and the Thai players perfect role

models for them, intense competition at all costs,the ultimate in competive

spirit and "shportsmanshop", joy in participation rather than winning.

Divide and rule and fill the stadiums and sell tickets ! Good

publicity for the Olympics,surpassing  that of the cheating and

"sportsmanship" in Track and Field or Cycling!

Hypocrites and sour grapes all rolled into one.

Monday, July 15, 2013