Friday, August 19, 2011

Morten Frost Hansen

Frost was World no.1 for 7 years. If No.1 seeding is the criteria Frost would be the most accomplished player, his wins included 4 AE Finals victories,and losing the 85 and 87 World Champs to Han Jian and Yang Yang.In contrast Zhao Jian Hua and Han Jian won at least 1 World Championships and Yang Yang twice.

Li Yong Bo

Inside story of Li Yong Bo ;

Tian Bing Yi

It is already well known that both Li Yong Bo and Tian Bingyi started out as singles players before Yang Yang and Zhao Jian Hua. In particular Tian had many achievements in singles, apparently semis in the 1983 All England, after beating it seems Icuk Sugiarto. Eventually Tian was ousted by Morten Frost in the Semis.
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