Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Malaysia to have Badminton League in 2014


Goh Soon Huat claims 4th Singles Spot in Malaysia's 2014 Thomas Cup Team on merit.


Once in a blue moon Malaysia practises

meritocracy in its policies,only perhaps

for a trivial event like badminton, but never

for strategic events.


A very rare occasion in Malaysia when decisions are based objectively and

rationally,instead of the normal deluge of biased and balls-carrying

innuendo.Goh is a BAM player,Ramdan is not in the BAM, the reason why

players leave the BAM is because the BAM has no money to invest in

players playing in tournaments like in other countries, as public funds are

diverted to line the pockets of the hangers-on supporting the ruling

government.Goh also won on form and merit, and if he had been left out,

it just reflects how idiotic the BAM can be by not supporting their own

player who has won his place on merit.It could have been a double