Monday, December 31, 2012

Lin Dan vs Zhang Ji Ke in Table Tennis

What happens when LinDan challenges Zhang Ji Ke

to a game of Table Tennis? With Zhang Ji Ke having to

use a badminton racquet of course.

The above is a youtube 2 hour program showing exhibition

matches performed in Hong Kong by the Chinese Badminton

and Table Tennis Olympic Teams.

The highlight was the Lin Dan vs Zhang at the end of the


Its true what many people already know, badminton players

are terrible in table tennis!

Yonex Nanoray 60 Badminton Racquet-A strange experiece

I have decided to adopt the Nanoray 60 model until

I can actually try out the more expensive models to see

if they fit my playing style.So I decided to buy a spare.

 When I compared the 2 racquets I was surprised to

discover that the new racquet is actually shorter by

almost 10mm then the old one which was defined as

a "Long" racquet.

That's fine with me as I find that I had to hold the Long

racquet quite high at the grip for control.

I wonder if it is a deliberate improvement or if 1 of the

2 racquets is a clone,though both perform equally well.

Unlikely that any of the 2 is a clone as the price is just

about Rm 200 each only.In fact the latest Nanoray 60

is more like the old Nanospeed 800.

As discussed in another article the Nano 60 is a good

entry level racquet for intermediate players experimenting

with the Nano series.It is a light racquet (4 U) medium stiff,

balanced but an almost perfect defence and drive racquet

because of its light weight, manueverbility and tapered frame

allowing the racquet to "trap" shuttles like a fish net and trap

and absorb hard shorts of opponents.It is the classic "soft"

racquet but powerful,strong and flexible, not that sharp for

smashing or net dribbles but ideal for the all round player

and is definitely value for money compared to other racquets

made by other manufacturers in the same price range.

Of course it is not powerful for smashes but definitely good

for clears and placements are accurate.Net play can be a

disadvantage as the frame is not that stiff.  

A player does not need much strength to use it well, just

requires rapid and longer swings.It is superb for speedy play.

As the game develops it is likely that the pro will want to

select a higher performing racquet to improve further.

As for me I have now settled down with a racquet that suits

my prefered playing style,all it needs now is to develop further

my shortcomings and eventually adopt an advanced racquet in

the Nano series to optimize my strokes such as a sharper smash

and more deft netplay.

As Peter Gade was asked who would win in the 2006

Thomas Cup amongst the big 4 ,his answer was that it was

a matter of gaining some small advantage in the little things,

as the standard amongst the pros are very close.

See this for a very clear explanation :

I foresee that in a couple of month's time, when I have

developed my optimum playing style that I will settle for

my ultimate racquet ie.the YY Nanoray 700 model. 9900 review

Saturday, December 29, 2012

1999 Yonex Badminton Racquet Chart

So much easier for decision making when choosing an untried racquet

when the specifications is based on Performance rather than technical

data about head weight or repulsion/hold. The Swing Power specs

explains it all

1988-Sports Science in Malaysian Badminton

Malaysian badminton development in the 80s from rock bottom

in the early 80s until its success in 1992 was the result of importing

technology and developing sports science, culminating in the setting

up of the National Sports Institute and BJSS in 1998.All these are

necessary to keep up with the times and the competition and success

continued moderately up to the millineum but dominance was difficult

as it would entail massive expenditure that the country in its present

state can scarcely afford and also because other countries are

economically and technologically more successful and this is reflected

in their willingness to invest in sports development. Asking a Pancho

Gonzalez and his band of  brigands to stage a coup in BAM as

suggested by some dubious wackos is setting back the sport by

decades to say the least.That would be like asking say Hong Leong

Bank to be run like the corner grocer shop.

Here are some articles to track development in the 80s:

2000 Yonex Badminton Catalogue pt 2

2000 Yonex Badminton Catalogue pt 1

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Selangor Badminton Association Hall Before

To view its present state :

1978 Asian Games Photo

                                         Tang Xian Hu and Zhang Ai Ling vs
                                         Christian and Imelda

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) Then and Now

A lot of noise has been generated on the net by some juvenile monkeys
from our jungles about the BAM,but what is forgotten is how the BAM
evolved from a large organisation run by badminton administrators to
that of politicians.
It goes without saying that sports organisations have to abide by the
policies of the government,National Sports Council and the main
sponsor who pay their salaries and allocate funds for their continued
To accuse the management,coaching committee ie. the rank and file of
the management is gross and horrible ignorance,after all the management
has to answer to higher ups who make the policies,just like other
governmental organisations here.

Actual case :





1949 and 1952 Malaya Thomas Cup Stars

Wong Peng Soon

Ooi Teck Hock

Ong Poh Lim and Ismail Marjan

Ooi Teck Hock and Teoh Seng Khoon

                                                        Chan Kon Leong

Chan Kon Leong passed away in abject poverty.His case sparked public
outcry and appeals to the government to provide pensions or emoluments
to amateur sportsmen who have gained honours in sports for the country.

1984 Pro Kennex Racquet

2004 Yonex Amortec Racquets

1988 Yonex Carbonex 21 Racquet

1985 Yonex Carbonex 8 Racquet

1984 Yonex Carbonex 20 racquet

The weight category at that time of this model was only "U".

In later years a "2 U" model was introduced.

1980 Yonex Carbonex 8 Racquet

Friday, December 21, 2012

1996 Yonex Badminton Catalogue

Selecting racquets then was much easier, each racquet was simply rated

on its total performance in terms of  Power,Control and Flexibility and

any layman could understand these terms.

In contrast the racquet charts today based on Hold,Repulsion,Head Light

or Heavy is too technical and often misleading, causing customers to buy

the wrong racquets.