Friday, December 14, 2012

Yonex Nanospeed 800-A marvellous racquet

Memories of a Great Intermediate level racquet:

The Red Nanospeed 800 Made in Taiwan racquet was a "Repulsion"

racquet with immense power on the swing and was also very light

 and flexible allowing quick shots and returns.

What was really unique about this head light racquet was the very 

flexible,  light but strong head which generated a lot of power in 

smashes.The racquet is basically head light,powerful both for clears

and surprisingly also for smashes, almost as sharp as say,the Ti 10.

The secret is in the sharp edges and aerodynamics of the frame 

and the slim medium Nanotube shaft. It is versatile enough to  suit 

any player and any type of the wide range of shuttlecocks.To

me the tapered frame design and light head allowed quick turns of 

the wrist and made easy the rapid and wristy delivery of deceptive

cuts and slices supplemented by the strong shaft that allows very

powerful hard shots.The long swing required to generate power 

also has an additional advantage in enabling last moment twists of 

the wrists for deceptive strokes.It does lose out a little bit though 

in control. 

The closest equivalent of this racquet to me is the Ti10 and Ti8.

The Nanospeed 800 was later altered to a white coloured Balanced

Racquet which lost all the properties in speed and sharpness of 

offensive overhead shots of the older model.

Subsequently the racquet model was withdrawn and its closest

equivalent(only to the white Nanospeed 800) is another balanced 

racquet Nanoray 60. 

Since then I have yet to discover another racquet as versatile to me

as the red version of the Nanospeed 800, maybe it exists in advanced 

models such as the Nano9900 or Nanoray 700 series.

It is possible that the red Nanospeed 800 was an experimental racquet

made in Taiwan that turned out so well that it was quickly withdrawn 

and re-packaged as another high end model.  

This article explains the advantages of light racquets quite clearly :

Very close equivalent :

Nanospeed 9900

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