Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 BWF Super Series Finals-Match Fixing?

Everytime someone plays well and beats their opponents,the losers

are accused of match -fixing and avoiding their team mates.If I were

 the Danes or Cai/FuI would see it as an insult.Whiners like the

Star article are simply paranoid and unabashed losers and like to

bitch and  accuse for its own sake.Why bother to play 3 games in order

to lose?

Luckily pros like Pang have the integrity to confess that even if the

 accusations are true he would have done the same thing.

Again isn't it the same in all sports? Which pro would be "sporting "

enough to want to play  himself into injury or exhaustion when his goal

has been achieved, he  would need to have a very low IQ indeed, like

the whiners in question.

Just look at the match between Darren Liew and Vittinghus.

To those bitching fans with the small hearts and even smaller brains, get

 a life, and most of all get some quality  first world proper schooling

and education where rational thinking is part of the curriculum,instead

of the Bolehan brainwashing institutions you attended ,your intellect

and maturity  is showing through!

Why not suggest to the BWF to ask losing players to undergo a lie

 detector test to determine if they had tried their best efforts?

Whilst waiting for that,enjoy the game and dont get too emotionally

tangled! Boleh?

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