Monday, December 17, 2012

Li Mao to work as a coach for Kawasaki badminton equipment

As a coach for the "Kawasaki International Training Camp",

located in Malaysia at the New Vision Academy in section 13 Petaling Jaya


The biggest joke in Li Mao's otherwise impeccable career was his adventure

in (of all places) Indonesia where he lasted only one year.It seems the local

veterans wanted him out because he could not produce Olympic winners

within one year. If coaches could produce champions within one year it

would be some kind of miracle in the same category as whatever was

achieved by some legend about 2000 years ago and Li Mao can name

his price,and he would not need to work for the rest of his life.As had

happened previously in Malaysia when they decided to look inwards

and the region for coaching talents,mobilsing local talents to coach is

taking a step backwards disregarding all the modern technology

developed in the sports in more progressive nations.That however

will be the future trend not only in badminton,but in all aspects of life

in the region. 

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