Saturday, December 29, 2012

1988-Sports Science in Malaysian Badminton

Malaysian badminton development in the 80s from rock bottom

in the early 80s until its success in 1992 was the result of importing

technology and developing sports science, culminating in the setting

up of the National Sports Institute and BJSS in 1998.All these are

necessary to keep up with the times and the competition and success

continued moderately up to the millineum but dominance was difficult

as it would entail massive expenditure that the country in its present

state can scarcely afford and also because other countries are

economically and technologically more successful and this is reflected

in their willingness to invest in sports development. Asking a Pancho

Gonzalez and his band of  brigands to stage a coup in BAM as

suggested by some dubious wackos is setting back the sport by

decades to say the least.That would be like asking say Hong Leong

Bank to be run like the corner grocer shop.

Here are some articles to track development in the 80s:

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