Saturday, December 8, 2012

Yap Kim Hock no longer in BAM

A former silver medalist in the Olympics and World Championships and

a Chief Coach who created a formidable team in the mid 2000s and also

created multiple junior champions in doubles.

Strange politics in the BAM .Still in the 80s even the China team coach

always stressed that people addicted to gambling were not welcome in the

Chinese team.

Could be a possibility but there were many whispers years ago of people

unsuitable to be team managers or coaches because of their love of alcohol

and gambling.

Well the truth will prevail soon enough. Yap will find a very lucrative career

in coaching in the private sector like other achievers.Lets hope Foo KK

is not his role model. 

1 comment:

  1. Yap is weird in the sense that as Chief Coach,

    he always hijacked the best players to play

    doubles. This is the reason why the present batch

    of singles players are not so outstanding. In

    fact many claim that if many of the present crop

    of doubles players had been allowed to play

    singles,the whole squad would be better off.

    That is of course pure speculation and it is

    up to you to draw an informed conclusion.

    It is no secret that except for LCW Malaysia's

    strength has always been in doubles.