Monday, December 31, 2012

Yonex Nanoray 60 Badminton Racquet-A strange experiece

I have decided to adopt the Nanoray 60 model until

I can actually try out the more expensive models to see

if they fit my playing style.So I decided to buy a spare.

 When I compared the 2 racquets I was surprised to

discover that the new racquet is actually shorter by

almost 10mm then the old one which was defined as

a "Long" racquet.

That's fine with me as I find that I had to hold the Long

racquet quite high at the grip for control.

I wonder if it is a deliberate improvement or if 1 of the

2 racquets is a clone,though both perform equally well.

Unlikely that any of the 2 is a clone as the price is just

about Rm 200 each only.In fact the latest Nanoray 60

is more like the old Nanospeed 800.

As discussed in another article the Nano 60 is a good

entry level racquet for intermediate players experimenting

with the Nano series.It is a light racquet (4 U) medium stiff,

balanced but an almost perfect defence and drive racquet

because of its light weight, manueverbility and tapered frame

allowing the racquet to "trap" shuttles like a fish net and trap

and absorb hard shorts of opponents.It is the classic "soft"

racquet but powerful,strong and flexible, not that sharp for

smashing or net dribbles but ideal for the all round player

and is definitely value for money compared to other racquets

made by other manufacturers in the same price range.

Of course it is not powerful for smashes but definitely good

for clears and placements are accurate.Net play can be a

disadvantage as the frame is not that stiff.  

A player does not need much strength to use it well, just

requires rapid and longer swings.It is superb for speedy play.

As the game develops it is likely that the pro will want to

select a higher performing racquet to improve further.

As for me I have now settled down with a racquet that suits

my prefered playing style,all it needs now is to develop further

my shortcomings and eventually adopt an advanced racquet in

the Nano series to optimize my strokes such as a sharper smash

and more deft netplay.

As Peter Gade was asked who would win in the 2006

Thomas Cup amongst the big 4 ,his answer was that it was

a matter of gaining some small advantage in the little things,

as the standard amongst the pros are very close.

See this for a very clear explanation :

I foresee that in a couple of month's time, when I have

developed my optimum playing style that I will settle for

my ultimate racquet ie.the YY Nanoray 700 model. 9900 review

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