Sunday, August 18, 2013

Run up to Rio Olympics-The Four Heavenly Queens of Badminton

Ladies singles in badminton up to Rio 2016
promises to deliver exciting times,with the game
increasingly more like Men's Singles and the players
with skills and physical abilities inherited from and
likened to those of the legends both of past decades
and the present :
The Four Queens :

1) Li Xue Rue- Powerful and athletic like a young
Lin Dan but likely to develop like LD with further
developments in "softer" racquet skills like net play,
defence,counter attacking,placements and accuracy.
If speed and pace is not further enhanced she could well
be seen as another Ye Zhao Ying the shotmaker.
2) Ithanon Ratchanok-18 and still growing with racquet
skills like Rudy Hartono and speed about the court like
Susi Susanti.Likely to become physically stronger
and more devastating in her already subtle and deceptive
strokes becoming more like like Lee Chong Wei.
The Speedy Gonzalez of badminton! Ariba!
3) Carolina Marin-Physically strong and good court
coverage,with further developments in racquet skills.
Probably resembling Tina Baun and a female version of
Chen Long.
4) PV Sindhu-Tall and deceptive and growing stronger
and faster.More developments in footwork and likely to
become a modern day female version of Prakash

Matches amongst the four promise to be breath-taking
ones with battles requiring exceptional strokes and court
movement unlike Men's Singles which is moving in the
opposite direction,becoming even more physical and based
on fitness.

Definitely better value than future sequels of Rocky 1,2 etc.
featuring LD vs LCW.

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