Thursday, August 15, 2013

BWF confirms 2013 World Badminton Air Con issue

Ironic isn't it that a Malaysian player

used to playing to hot,humid conditions

would deem it a disadvantage to play

others from temperate climates under

these conditions.

Maybe LD has been genetically altered

to make him more adaptable like a reptile.

That's cheating worse than Lance Armstrong

or the US sprinters or even many Malaysian


Perhaps the truth is that LCW is no longer

young as before and he was unable to fully recover

from the semis and the loss is actually not related to

the heat, period.

The same thing happened to Chen Hong in the 2001

and 2003 All England when he played two very exhausting

semi matches against retriever Roslin Hashim only to fade out

due to exhaustion in the finals against Gopichand and Hafiz.

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