Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 World Badminton Air Con controversy not cool for badminton

I am more inclined to believe that the organisers

were asked to shut down the air con at a certain stage


1) The powers wanted a final that is not disrupted
by the annoying draft but had not anticipated the rise in
temperature would cause the players so much distress
physically.A good final marred by collateral damage.
All large venues suffer from drift made more complicated
by the air con and playing conditions could vary according
to the time of day,weather outside, the hours the air con
has been running and also crowd capacity.It is a whole area
of technology called air balancing for comfort and in the case
of badminton,managing the drift which can come and go

2) It is possible that home ground advantage was used
in that the playing conditions were deliberately altered
to suit one player. But that is debatable as playing with
no drift is not necessarilly and advantage to either, nor
the heat build-up as both should be affected. Unless they
have really rehearsed the event of playing with no air con
with a full capacity crowd, it is difficult to see it as an

3) There is a 3rd possibility that the air con was never
turned off at all and kept low all day and heat really built
up after 5 hours.It would even be more unthinkable to
try to turn it up as it will create drift. In fact the rise in
temperature was already felt by the 4th final when the two
Men's Doubles pairs requested for a change to slower
speed shuttles (instead of protesting about the heat).
Answer 3) would certainly stop all suspicions on
1) and 2) but whether it is likely can only be answered
by a HVAC engineer experienced in managing stadiums.
It is also the explanation offered by the Organising
This sounds reasonable as experience in attending events
show that some halls are too cold and some too hot,or
get colder or hotter as the day drags on and seldom
perfect and it would be unthinkable to alter the fanspeed
or thermostat as this would ultimately affect the drift.In this
present case perhaps because of the temperature outside
and a possibility that the event will be held with minimum
draft that spectators were already ready with paper fans to
cool themselves should the temperature build up,as is normal
in many past events.Perhaps the spectatators knew that the
air con would be shut at some time as has happened previously
in the semis and had paper fans ready.Luckily LCW won the
semis otherwise the BAM would blame the air con.It is no
surprise that organisers want to save energy somehow
nowadays because of sustainability and global warming issues,
just like how they try to save money on the reception party.
Remember that the event was OUTSOURCED to a 3rd party
as an Independent Contractor (outside the Client's control) and
had to watch the bottom line as the BWF insists on reaping 80 %
of the returns. I for one prefer to watch TV in the comfort of my
home.Most of the BWF officers were in the stadium, they
probably feel the heat and what they and spectators are getting
after deducting their 80 %.

That is why Lin Dan explained that players prefer to play
in the small halls in Europe with no drift and air conditioning
problems.Certainly no one would be brave enough to own up
as to the decision to alter the air conditioning .

As in any civilised society : Innocent unless proven guilty.

For laughs and an insight on simpleton thinking :


  1. Regardless whether air con was turned off

    to create an environment hotter and more humid,

    it reflects badly on players when they are

    unable to adapt to it.This confirms a weakness

    in the player's ability,especially mentally.

    After all many factors can alter the


    Perhaps it was something that the opponents

    knew how to exploit.

    The reactions from his supporters are even more

    amusing given the immature,illogical and utterly

    biased and baseless conclusions drawn,even from

    the mouth of adults.

    Even the Indonesians famous for their less than

    civilised behavior are more rational and logical

    and let their badminton do the talking instead

    of blowing hot air.

    Unfortunately such rowdy and irrational conduct

    only tarnishes the image of the people with loud

    mouths ruled by their emotions rather than


    I blame it all on cultural hegemony and

    feudalism that has made an otherwise smart

    people become more and more like creatures in

    the zoo who cannot accept challenge and change

    but only whine.

    Whine like "Ubah" and "Inikali la" but without

    constructive proposals in effecting change by

    first improving self.

  2. Believe it or not, now
    the Sports Minister wants to
    put his finger in the pie,as
    if there are not enough
    politicians in the BAM already.
    Thanks to all those harbouring
    that Persecution Complex.Paiseh.