Friday, August 16, 2013

How to end China's domination in world badminton

I have a humble suggestion how the international

badminton community can end China's domination.

First we on the internet and media must at every

opportunity badmouth Li Yong Bo and the CBA

on how they are abusing their position and also

bullying and in cahoots with the BWF.Create rumours

if possible to tarnish their image.

In particular we should target LYB,once he has been

slain team China would be headless and then we can

move in. Then China will no longer dominate badminton,

then we move in onto their sports system so they will also lose

out in the Olympics and finally we sabotage their

economy so that they will be broke.

But we must be careful that we do not score an own

goal and shoot our own foot in the process.

When China becomes a dot in badminton,all the big

bucks and sponsorships will be gone and we end up

begging like squash.

When the Chinese economy collapses so will all of us.

Our biggest customer gone!

Setuju? Boleh?

So are you with me? Ubah,Ini Kali Lah, since team

China is now at its weakest with LYB winning only 2

golds in the World Championships , lets sabotage him

now before he resumes his winning ways!Just look at

the effort ,resources and sacrifices countries like Japan,

India,Thailand and Indonesia have made to keep up with

China. All we can do is whine,bitch,sabotage and bad-mouth

the winners at no expense,do nothing but scream Boleh while

our ancient feudal warlords of the land gorge and enrich

themselves at others' expense.

Clever,no?One day Malaysia will rule the world

because of our superior creativity and hot air. Then

when China collapses all people of Chinese origin can once

again be looked down upon and bullied everywhere they

go in the world as was during the days of  Imperialism

or before Bruce Lee.


Just like Ku Klux Klan and Perkasa I am now setting up a

society called Overseas Chinese Trojan Horse Club

( OCTHC) in which overseas chinese with only

SOME knowledge of the language and culture can spy

on and infiltrate China on behalf of our adopted country,

with the eventual aim of oblitering the vermin or subjugating

them,once we get rid of the 1 billion people there we can

take over everything or plant our godfathers there as

bosses and serve them there.This is to show our gratitude to

our hosts who provide us economic refugees with shelter

and also to express our loyalty to our countrymen who

have long exploited us and encouraged us to leave.

Please contact me here if you want to be an office bearer

in my new club.Act now, my crystal ball tells me that in future

if you dont kowtow to China they will drop more bombs

into your country than world war two and occupy your

country for your oil.

Imagine what we can achieve, China took more than

2000 years to achieve unity peace and stabilty ,and

decades to achieve economic success,imagine how we

little rats can undo all the hard work just by sowing

discord  with things like Tian Ann Men and bring about

chaos again!

You're a better man than I,Gunga Din.

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