Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lee Chong Wei explains how he lost the 2013 World Badminton Championships

In his own words he was

1) Suffering from the heat

2) Unable to play with the drift
    (as there were no more easy points
    from opponent's mistakes.)

Easy to comment as a spectator but he could
have contrived an alternative tactic.Or perhaps
he was too tired from past matches to play at
a high level in the still air of the hot stadium.
His opponent took to the heat and stable environment
like a duck to water.But it could actually work either way.
It must really take a genius in sports science or
thermodynamics to be able to guess  his actual condition
and be able to create an artificial change in the atmosphere
to take advantage.Maybe Zhu Ge Liang was that genius.
Hats off to Zhu Ge Liang.Ever wonder why the alleged
manupilators of the air con did not think of turning the fan
speed up instead to create more turbulence and confuse
the players but to please and cool the crowd (including the VIPs
from the BWF?).Again only Kong Ming can have the
brilliance of a magician to predict and control how the drift is
going to behave on that particular day and time.
Which means that other people are not that clever to respond
to change.

So next time we learn that to beat LCW simply :
1) Play him under hot and humid conditions
2) Manipulate the drift in the stadium a few times by
adjusting the air conditioning as he cannot adapt to
changes or even when the envcironment has reached
equilibrium ie still air.Cannot Ubah?

LCW is not actually saying all these things to offer as
an excuse,in fact he is just being blunt and honest.Its those
Ah Bengs and Ah Lians supporting him that are twisting all
words to offer as excuses.In fact LCW is a legend in his
own right.

In the women's singles 18 year old Ratchanok had enough
control and flexibilty in her strokes coupled with variety to cope
with both playing ends and was able to tie up Li Xue Rui's less
versatile game in knots.

As LD said,sports is cruel.The winner has to be very strong
and crafty. Winner not whiner takes it all. Is that anything new,
analogy in GE13? Its true all those comments about people
with weak mental strength.

But can we do anything to help LCW? YESSSSSSS!!
Here's what we can do :
We bring along a bomoh who can change winds
1) When the air gets hot and still he can direct supporters
to scream Boleh at the top of the lungs to blow the shuttle
in whatever direction desired.Or he can ask them to take
out those strange paper fans people bring into air con stadiums
and create a Mexican wave to create artificial drifts and cool.
the air to create drift to advantage.
2) Another way is for Bomoh to orchestrate the screaming of
Boleh so loud that it will pierce the ear drums of the opponents.
China players have no defence against high pitch screams.
Malaysian players ear drums can tolerate high decibels because
they are always listening to loud music with their headphones or
have to tolerate everyday for decades the monkey noises made
by the cunning politicians in power.

Just make sure it doesn't backfire and turn into a disadvantage.
Not to worry, such tactics are acceptable and not tantamount to
cheating as they  have always been practised.So we are using our
human capital to fight against machines!
Fight hot air with hot air!

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