Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tan Aik Mong quits as BAM chief after just 2 weeks


Wise decision! Now its business as usual!

Given the spite even when working for free?

There are more things in life than political badminton!


Maybe the BAM has too many DAP supporters?

The main reason must be because most of the coaches have

threatened to quit. It is typical of Feudal Malaysian society

to be obsessed with face and positions and titles.Being transfered

to coach juniors is not demotion unless the perks are removed ,it

is even more challenging to teach juniors, one does not need to good to

train elites like Lee Chong Wei.

Perhaps the problem with Nerds and Geeks when they become leaders

is lack of diplomacy,the change could have been done with some explaining

and clarification instead of a take it or leave it attitude without considering

the feelings of people.In business school such heavy handedness is

considered violating a very basic management principle in dealing with

people, unless you are in the army,for example.

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