Sunday, September 22, 2013

Repairing cracked badminton racquets

If your ultra expensive Li Ning or fancy high end Yonex

develops a crack, or fissure, dont throw it away.

Racquet shops can provide a welding service to rejoin

the broken parts and then respray it.

Depending on the racquet model ,the epoxy glue and

carbon fibre added to the weld will not increase the weight by

much,maybe 5gm, and will not cause much distortion to play.

The weight distribution of the head will no longer be even but

it is not noticeable unless you are a pro.This is because some epoxy

and carbon fibre is filled into the hollow frame at the joint when


They can be re-strung up to 25 lbs., and if they dont play well

or develop cracks, hang it up or donate it to some orphanage

for the kids to learn badminton.

You'll be surprised how many repaired racquets have been put

for sale and how difficult it is to spot a weld if the expert had done

a good repair job.Most shops charge about rm 30-40 for each repair.   


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  2. Hi ! I'm interested to weld my badminton racquet. May I have your contact number please. Thanks

    1. I dont repair racquets myself.
      I take it to sports shops in sub-urban
      Kuala Lumpur to weld and respray for about 20US
      dollars per racquet.

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  4. Hi, thanks for the article. By the way, i know a shop located in Kuala Lumpur doing repairing broken racket service. Please dont feel hesitate to contact 0107771616 for more information. Thanks!

  5. hii huys i m from india plz tell me how to repair or share a repair video