Monday, September 23, 2013

BAM flip flop ,back to square one

Looks more and more like an Umno style Sandiwara

or stage show to hide the ultimate agenda of cutting costs.

With leaders working for free but trying to bring in modern

technology and hopefully sports science to bring badminton

on par with the rest of the world.

Cutting red tape and unproductive layers of management

but still maintaining under educated coaches schooled in the

traditional mould but finally putting annoying administrators

where they rightfully belong, providing support services.

But still under the thumb of the NSC and devoid now of the

politicians cum horse traders to demand financial allocations

to share all round as in "lu tolong gua gua tolong lu".

Will this motivate the players in this day and age,that is

,leadership by example and discipline, whilst the Gen Y players

have  to struggle with meagre allowances whilst their peers

graduate from Universities and start to plunge into lifelong debt

driving expensive cars and supporting trophy girlfriends and

trying to strike it as a millionaire before they reach 30,

encouraged by the generous (with other peoples' money ,

that is ) government of the day?

Take a step backwards and look at the big picture, in

recent times pockets of success were the result of technological

change that Fang Kai Xiang brought in 1987, 88 to 92 were the

efforts of a certain Santa who splurged other peoples' money to

buy talent like an oil rich sheikh during the Asian miracle and

success was brought in by Foreigners like Frost and Indra

Gunawan later.

After that during the age of the easy credit economy , all limited

resources were concentrated on one singles player and one

doubles pair to show some results to justify allocation of funds.

The rest of the limited resources were probably spent on non-

players who unlike players did not have to produce viable results.

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  1. so after 2 weeks everything reverts to square one
    and Tan Aik Mong quits and Rashid considers returning.