Thursday, February 21, 2013

Badminton flourishing with millions in commercial success

Shape of things to come :

Let's imagine the scenario should the BWF become more Eurocentric :

1) BWF to be renamed BWF Corporation and engages
in Mergers and Acquisitions.The executives reward themselves
with obscenely high salaries,bonuses and perks whilst they still
hold office and squeeze the life out of the athletes and fans and
continue feeding the corporate dinosaur resembling the other huge
corporations in the West.

2) BWF eventually to be investigated by Monopolies
Commission for dominating business and practising
unfair competition like Microsoft

3) Royalties,patents and rents to BWF for everything from buying
selling racquets and shuttlecocks and rental of halls
just like the music industry and their overpriced CDS and Golf
(the new Olympic sport).

4)Badminton stars becoming more like Rockstars or Football
players earning exorbitant incomes and charging high appearence
and transfer fees,playing for individual glory, and relegating prestige
events like Olympics,Thomas Cup,Sudirman Cup and World
Championships to the background.

5) The result of course as we can see from other industries
is rising prices for the consumer and alienation of poorer
countries as the sport becomes more expensive.

That may or may not be but I have reservations when a large
organisation becomes too powerful and wants a cut in everything
and forget that part of its mission is to promote the sport.One only
has to learn how the ITTF is managed.

It is admirable how BWF tries to be self sustaining instead of relying
on sponsors, but what is the outcome to stakeholders like fans,poorer
nations etc?

Which do you prefer BWF to be :
a) Involved in the Business of badminton
b) Involved in the Badminton business

We'll see, there's already a precedence in the restrictions imposed
on sharing of videos on youtube in 2012 Olympics.

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