Thursday, February 21, 2013

Badminton England wants to take over copyright of all AE footage dated 1981 onwards that are on youtube .

1) Original complaint :

I have deleted most of my old footage of All England matches
since the BE downloaded a few of the videos and claimed
copyright to them.Sorry to disappoint badminton fans but
I dont think it is the right thing for the BE to do.

2) Reply from BE

Hi Mynah Bird.
I hope you are well.

Sorry to hear that you are not happy that BADMINTON England are taking ownership of some footage.
We hold all copyrights on all footage of All England Open from 1981 and are looking to protect this copyright. This applies to any match footage, interviews or even videos made by members of the public filmed in the arenas.
It doesn't mean you have to take down footage. It just means you can't make money off/advertise on the footage as you don't own the rights to it we are afraid.
In addition, we have added 30 years worth of match action footage of all QF, SF and finals into the back end of YouTube and any matches to this footage in terms of other uploaded film will automatically be claimed by BE through YouTube. Whilst this sounds harsh it is protecting copyright.
Not sure why the 1970s footage has been picked up but we are looking to release claims to this.
So you have awareness, the BWF (IBF) are also doing this copyright ownership drive now so you may get a lot of your other videos affected - not just All England.

Thanks in advance,
Sent to: Mynah Bird

3)My reply :

Re:Copyright ownership
Noted.In a way I am happy because now
I can pass the task of providing the fans with
the opportunity of enjoying footage from the 80s
and 90s back to you the copyright holder.
Meanwhile I will keep the stacks of private
recordings from the early 80s I accumulated at
great cost and effort over decades and enjoy it
with my close circle of friends.
So keep the videos coming in,I am especially interested
in a lot of missing footage from the early 80s which I am
sure you will be releasing on your channel.Take care.

Sent to: AllEnglandBadminton

4) Conclusion

I dont know about others but I remember recent history 

and believe that it is bad business to be penny wise pound 

foolish and to pursue fool's gold and a legendary El Doraldo.

What transpired is that some antique videos were downloaded by

said organisation to their youtube channel from other sites 

and then displayed with advertisments.Their message is very clear,

the copyright holder reserves the right to download your donated ,

uploaded antique videos to their site whenever they fancy and claim

the commercial rights.Even on videos they don't physically own and

nobody else posseses.

Two of the Three videos in question have since been deleted and I

still get advice on copyright from people who dont practise what 

they preach.

Sir Francis Drake renicarnated? What happened to the old rule of 

finders, keepers? Overzealous?Opportunists hitching a free ride?

Is the law a fool? Badminton Associations behaving like poachers

pinching honey from bees?

We are talking about old footage that few have preserved or are 

interested in with pittance in commercial value, of merely nostalgic

and educational value. 

So after more than 10 years work of  sourcing and tracking down 

badminton videos pre 90s which no badminton association has 

done,the sharing comes to an end and I am back to square one.

Hope you people have enjoyed the footage while they were up.

 I dont know why but suddenly I have lost interest and respect

for the All-England.

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