Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Taufik should run for president of BWF


Taufik should run as president since he has so many ideas

how to promote badminton worldwide.Of course it will

also be good for his business. At the same time as president

he will be able to shift all the goalposts and sabotage Team

China with brader Lee Chong Wei so that indonesia will have

a chance to dominate badminton as in the past.

Unfortunately the pro players playing schedule may become

so hectic that the most hardworking players will drop out like

flies caused by injury or may be broke because of heavy fines or

banished because of not playing their best and trying to win at

all times and cost.

Then Badminton will be able to hold on to its Olympics status

and will become less competitive and more amateurish,with

schedules manipulated to sabotage the best and offer affirmative

action to the lazy and more cunning players like you know who

instead of injury prone players like Simon Santoso or Sonny.

It is no surprise that the standard of badminton in his country

is dropping with people like that as role models,not great pros,

but more like politicians bad mouthing others and not putting their

own house in order first and foremost.

Malaysia has its famous badminton Datuk ,why not honour

Taufik too and add him to the list ,I suggest we give him the title

"Tok Kok'.

1 comment:

  1. A walkover to Darren Liew in the 2nd round of the
    Malaysian Open just affirms that this guy is a
    double talking hypocrite,just hours after making his press statement about sportsmanship,and also chicken as Darren would have handed him a thrashing and maybe he can't face it at the twilight of his career.