Monday, January 7, 2013

Darren Liew is banned from Korean Open.

If such is the case, its better to give walkovers or retire injured

so as not to be accused of match-fixing and not trying one's best.

Of course not turning up would be the worst choice as there are hefty


Sad to say the badminton body has gone loco, just observe the number of

players with knee or back injuries such as Chen Jin,Wang Lin,Wang Xin,

Lu Lan,Wang Shi Xian,Zhong Qian Xin,Chen Xiao Jia,Liu Xin, Jiang Yan

Jiao, Lee Chong Wei, Saina Nehwal, and most will realise that badminton

is a bit different from other sports and that pro players neeed to take care

of their well being as they are prone to injuries and should not be over-

exploited.At the moment players are falling apart like flies.

The most badly hit has to be women singles players who in the past had at

most to play 3 sets of 11 points, whereas nowadays they could end up

playing 3 sets of 21 points just like the men.

The original intention of prolonging players careers by adopting the 21 pont

rally system appears to have gone an about turn, putting a strain on players

and ending the careers of so many,which has never ever happened before.

Something fishy is going on and I think the governing body is being run by

some sinister, evil, sadistic Loki or pervert/s, already responsible for the

bad publicity in the 2012 Olympics because of their high-handedness.

Probably senile people without a memory of the effort required to merge

the WBF and IBF in 1982.

 For goodness sake stop the torture and let players choose when and

where to play.Less participation by China translates into more

opportunities for players from other countries to win tournaments and

gain confidence and earn more money,that is surely good for badminton.

Whatever manipulation is done, the end result is the same,China only

wants to win the pretigious tounements like the Thomas,Uber or

Sudirman Cups.With so many tournaments ,you just cant win them all.

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