Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Secret of Successful Badminton Nations


Why are progressive countries like China,Korea,Japan,Germany ,Denmark and even Thailand continuing to push the boundaries of success? Do they look for scapegoats ,look for someone to blame or bark like dogs everytime something goes wrong?No, they have a culture of continuous improvement and single minded purpose in things they do and do not get entangled in nit-picking and have a long term and holistic view of things they do and what needs to be done.It all boils down to the culture and mentality of a people and is what separates an advanced society from a basically 3rd world people.If that 3rd world culture and mentality is not
erased,be prepared to wallow in the dirt.
To achieve things all members of a country or organisation must share the same passion and work together as one,ie, THE TEAM whether it is the leader,foot soldier or cook. 

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