Monday, May 28, 2012

Badminton in danger in the Olympics?
This is the response from the BWF about the status of badminton in the Olympics.The rumors were probably raised by a certain fox of a player desperate for attention or with an agenda to attract more fans and business opportunities to his school.This has-been character keeps hanging on in the circuit and getting obliterated by any Tom Dick and Harry but does it so that he can promote his business.He keeps polishing himself and tries to convince people that he is an angel promoting badminton when all he does is actually promoting his own interests and doesn't even do enough to help his own country's players unlike,say, players from China who work as a team,make personal sacrifices and have a good succession culture.He tries to be a hero to his people and instigates his countrymen especially in the field of China- bashing supported perhaps unintentionally by a certain badminton magazine desperate for more income hits.
 There is something called ethics even in business,using other institutions to promote personal business is irresponsible and unethical, unfortunately it is common practice amongst many communities in South East Asia. This clown known for being the chief moaner and cry baby of the circuit is surely in line to become a shifty politician in his home country,where a large percentage of the population are ignorant rural folks.He has even managed to convince many people in the global badminton fraternity past and present (some who are famous ex-player aunties) who are dumb enough into promoting him and his vested interests in the media.
His country has been reduced recently to a minnow in the world of badminton.Instead of looking at themselves in the mirror and identifying their own internal problems and weaknesses ,as usual they try to look for an external threat to shift the blame and try to shift the goalposts to gain some advantage by accusing others of "cheating" and not doing enough to promote the sport.Fortunately history has proved that the rest of the world are not fools and unsophisticated and primitive tactics like that are self-deluding and will only cause a community to remain running on the spot in a stone age.I, for one,was not born yesterday and won't easily allow cunning people to pool the wool over my eyes.

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