Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lin Dan comments on Darren Liew

Other than Darren,LD had already praised Chong Wei Feng. Its ridiculous that these youngsters had not been allowed to develop but used as sparring partners for LCW.Everybody wants to benefit and ride on LCW's success but developing new winners is something else.There are some really sinister people working/worked  for the BAM.
It was a few years back when Li Mao complained about having no players to train and juniors like Darren and Chong Wei Feng not being allowed to move from the juniors to the seniors.But then when the "junior" juniors were not allowed to join the elite recently the erratic local coach threw a tantrum and quit.When coaches were asked why juniors like Liew or Chong were not sent to tournaments overseas the excuse was always lack of funds or that it was not worthwhile as they never delivered.Probably these coaches never heard that Rome was not built in a day and that players need to be exposed to different grades of tournaments to gradually build their confidence.Some of the coaches even have the cheek or are naive enough to blame the administration for their recent Thomas Cup failures.
  I suspect there is a continuing underlying agenda by certain quarters to emulate Indonesia into politicising badminton, making representation and management of the sport more communal in nature instead of focussing objectively on results and merit.There was even audacious statements that children of certain coaches were the best even though the public can easily judge by watching them perform on TV.This is an agenda already successful in most of the institutions in the country,badminton being one of the last strongholds.If this is true,for certain, the country will also emulate Indonesia in joining the ranks of the minnows eventually.Unfortunately this is an ailment that cannot be treated in Malaysia and the tide irreversible because of an underlying agenda and lack of integrity.
  Objectively,and politics and secret agenda aside,if everything in this world had to deliver instant results humankind will be doomed as there will be no pioneer research,archaeology, investments for posterity etc.which are long term goals and don't yield quick returns.

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