Monday, December 30, 2013

Vincent Tan and his Cardiff superstitions.

Hilarious the British media.It is demonisation

of  certain people and labelling someone as

a modern Fu Manchu.

British business must expect investors to pump

in money like throwing money down the drain

to suit their cavemen instincts and whims and fancies,

when to a certain extent business entails earning your keep

and making sacrifices to reach a bigger market instead of

playing cavemen football as in the good old days.

Next they will claim that Tan is going to sell Cardiff brand

fortune cookies and chop suey and starting a Cardiff Dragons


For the uninitiated, Bluebirds in many parts of Asia means

"Dick head" or "prick", so maybe  Cardiff is proud of its

vulgar old name being a subject of ridicule in Asia.

Poor Vincent Tan , he's now stuck with a bunch of

'lanchows" who demand that he dance to their primitive tune

instead of allowing him to take them places the way of  the

famous English clubs. Remember Eric Cantona?

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