Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Badminton Super Series Semis-Presence of Wild Dogs and Macaques in Cheras Badminton Stadium

During the game when Wang Shi Xian played
Tai Tzu Ying,there were several wild dogs and
Macaques among the audience barking and gibbering
away during the game which took away the enjoyment
of watching good badminton.I think the KLBA should
discourage these rude beasts from invading and presiding over
events as it is hampering the progress of the country
to be a developed nation.For all you know next time in the
Malaysian Open we may be bombarded with racial slurs
or sexist remarks,things not acceptable in civilised societies.
Not sure where the Macaques came from,they are all over
Cheras because their habitat has been destroyed by
development,whilst the stray dogs could be ill-bred local natives,
indirectly venting their anger thru "apa lagi Cina mahu",or running
dogs whose ancestors are from up north who think like bananas
trying to prove their loyalty by sucking up to their dongbao and
wagging their pariah mongrel tails, or sub-human immigrants from
across the Straits thinking Cheras is Istora Senayan.
Whoever and wherever they are from hopefully we will have less
of that in future as it is annoying and is distracting the players and
audience as much as say,using flash photography.
A true badminton player and supporter,as opposed to a rude wild dog
or Macaque will respect players irrespective of their creed.
Try to imagine what badminton would be like if ever the game is
dominated by dogs and macaques.


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