Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hoyer Larsen on Gamesmanship in badminton and Hawkeye System

At least Hoyer Larsen who is a legend

who has gone against the odds himself knows what

competitive badminton is all about.

The Denmark 2013 Open also confirmed how matured

the audience there are and the importance they put on

building a positive image of their society for their continued

prosperity and well-being.

This is in contrast to the thick skinned obnoxious fan boys

and fan old men with brains baked by the tropical sun who

only moan and whine and focus on sabotaging the competition

instead instead of doing positive things like investing their limited

tax money to develop own human capital and image building instead

of  ranting on and on like third world primitive tribesmen and old

ladies as they continue to slide in human development in their own

pathetic,corrupt and backward social environment.

Losers moan on and on like a broken record about unfair

competition,typical of people with a backward culture ,whilst

winners face up to adversity and take positive steps to overcome

their own shortcomings.

Most ironic of all are losers who complain about others bullying them

but unwilling to do anything about cleaning up their own filth in their

own backyards first.Equally ironic are losers who dont know who

their real friends are but continue to praise their enemies and

condemn their friends.

Boleh? It's the regional culture and mentality,stupid.

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