Monday, October 21, 2013

2013 French Open badminton-top seeds withdraw

China players withdrawn from

the French Open include:

Li Xue Rui
Chen Long
Du Peng Yu
Wang Yi Han

In Li Xue Rui's case it is because

of  illness contracted during the Denmark


In the case of  Chen and Du it must be a case

of taking a break after the hectic domestic schedule

and probably preparing for the China and HK circuit.

On the positive side, their absence only provides an

opportunity for other players to shine and win more prize money.

Surprisingly Wang Shi Xian was not withdrawn.Sun Yu has been

clashing too often in the first round with compatriots and this has to

be more than coincidence.Otherwise the itchy bitchy fan boys and

fan old geezers will have a field day saying" see I told you so"in case

there is a walkover in protest to this probable set-up.If this continues

Sun will never be able to move up the rankings.

If this is deliberate match fixing by organisers, then probably this

Humbugland 's Open may be in future be downgraded to GP status. 

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