Saturday, April 27, 2013

Unsporting behaviour,poor conduct and delaying tactics in badminton

Here we see the Ronald McDonald of Badminton, Boezo,a Danish player
famous for gamesmanship and delaying tactics especially on the serve
getting a taste of his own medicine .
What a rotten role model for badminton from a world number 1.Imagine
the impact on badminton if everyone adopts such tactics.
There is so much hue and cry over the 2012 Olympics Ladies Doubles
fiasco where some players played to lose in order to get better placings,
like other sports.
To this day the affected players are labelled as cheats etc.when all these
practices are only too prevalent in other sports like Football,Cycling,F1 etc.
Cheats? My foot, did they use drugs? Are they involved with bookies?
Strangely enough Ronald McDonald is seldom cursed or jeered for all his
cheating antics and never even received a yellow card.
Whats more he even has the cheek to intimidate service judges and
threaten to have them removed.Once,when an umpire asked him to get on
with the game,he answered "Why are you in a hurry?".
This is the epitome of bad manners in badminton and badminton's Ronald
McDonald might go down as history as badminton's Neanderthal.
It doesn't take a genius to know that it is all part of an act to intimidate and
annoy opponents, not as if it is coming from teenagers,for example from
Taufik or even Lindan when they were brats .Taken too far and repeated
when most opponents already know how to ignore it, it is also repulsive
to the spectators.One day it may just end up as the first punch up in
badminton if not kept under control.Not as if there weren't near flare ups
in the past from players like Sven Pri or Icuk Sugiarto.
 Strange this world of badminton,different standards for different people,
it never ceases to amaze me to this day. Ever stopped to wonder why?

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