Monday, April 22, 2013

Lin Dan and Xie Xin Fang donate to Sichuan eartquake victims

Donors (units)Amount (RMB)Project
Guangzhou Hengda Group20000000Volleyball, football
Wanda Group10000000Football
Lin Dan, Xie2200000Badminton
Wuhan Zall1000000Football
Junxia couple1000000Track and field
Chinese table tennis team340,000Table tennis
Chinese diving teamEdinburgh race bonusDiving
Tian Liang and his wife200,000Diving
Henan Jianye120,000Football
Pan Xiaoting50000Billiards

Lin Dan and wife contribute 2,2 million yuan to help the victims of the Szechuan
earthquake.Now that is giving back to society .

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