Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HD Badminton Videos scarcity on youtube

In case there are inquiries why there are so few HD badminton videos on youtube, I will try to answer that question as best as I can based on my groundwork in the internet forums :

1) Many badminton video clips that were uploaded from matches after 1996 were probably recorded from broadcasts by Astro in MPEG2 standard DVD.They may have been compressed to wmv ,flv or mpg2 for uploading.
2) Astro introduced in 2010 digital broadcasts which featured HD programs in 720 progressive and 1080 interlace.These HD programs are protected by a technology called HDCP whereby recordings of HD content that are transmitted via a HDMI connection cannot be recorded by hardware that are not HDCP friendly, ie. DVD recorders or capture devices. They can be recorded on Astro Beyond 's PVR or a particular Western Digital Harddisk and even so,the recorded programs cannot be extracted to computers to be converted or uploaded.All these are in effect an attempt to prevent piracy of HD content. DVD recorders are no longer allowed to have HDMI connections by HDCP regulation,which probably explains their discontinued production.
3) Recordings though can be made from the RCA output and they will at best be MPEG2 format,not HD. The BWF appears trying to protect its copyright interests in while allowing some videoclips to be uploaded, they make it unavailable in some countries where they have been broadcast  or claim the right to impose advertisements into the clip and probably the right to earn revenue from it.The IOC has even been more stringent totally banning all uploading of recorded videos to youtube except if they are in the form of slideshows only.
4) The BWF is already broadcasting on youtube in many countries but this service is not available live in countries where it is also broadcast on TV such as Astro.The BWF broadcasts are not in HD and cannot be downloaded and are probably too big to download and require high speed connections to view comfortably.
Some HD uploads seen are not TV programs but private HD video recordings done courtside.
  All these are actually done to protect the genuine business interests of the sports body and the broadcasting company and to reduce piracy.If fans want to watch live telecasts in high definition,they must be prepared to pay for it.If not,they will need to be satisfied with low resolution clips on youtube delayed,assuming the copyright holders permit it.

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  1. In recent developments even file hosting sites are closing accounts which have HD content in them, even those not encrypted with HDCP.