Thursday, October 11, 2012

1970s Badminton Films

   The above is an exception to the rule that full length badminton matches prior to the commercialisation of videotape before 1979 were rarely filmed. Wonder if there are any left in private collections, whatever has been previously listed in the British Film Institute has also been removed from the library.
   Hopefully in future someone may be able to find these films and digitise them ,just as what the late Punch Gunalan did for the 1974 Final.
    More full length features will help to dispel the common notion that players of that era do not know how to play badminton or even hold a racquet,in fact players of that time were already highly skilled and differed mainly in terms of physical training ,sports science and equipment from the players today. Badminton turned professional in the Open Era around 1982 and even before that there were also very competitive and tons of  badminton clubs and leagues in Britain,Sweden or Denmark ,played by amateurs unlike the pros of today.Malaysia for example with players like Misbun were no match for even England in the era of the 1982 and 1984 Thomas and Uber Cups.The high speed and power of badminton today is the standard set by China and Korea's sports system,evolving from legends like Tang Xian Hu and Hou Jia Chang.
   Speaking of course from the point of view of one who played in the English leagues in the 70s.

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