Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Profile of a Fanatical, Immature,Irrational Malaysian Badminton Fan


Here's one of the rants of this species with a lot of boo boos in content :
1) Lin Dan is a Hakka
2) Lin Dan was never involved in a scuffle with Lee Hyun Il
3) Lin Dan wanted to finish the AE quickly so that he can go shopping not as disrespect to LCW but more because the tournament is not a priority to him
4) A lot of the bad boy behaviour happened many years ago, no one should hold it against him as we all grow up
5) It looks like a lot of ranting and, there is no emphasis on badminton and the players' abilities,not only is it bad journalism filled with errors and misconceptions but should be coming from cheap politicians with some kind of agenda not related to sports.
 Perhaps this nut is unaware that Lin Dan was Badminton's representative at the Laurette awards, in the company of Novak of Tennis and Usain Bolt of Athletics, in effect bad-mouthing a legend of badminton.
  With people like this, its no wonder that badminton in Malaysia is in bad shape, one does not win on wishful thinking and politicking and bad-mouthing rivals like the politicians with their sex tapes.


  1. Another whacko joins the list of pandering mutts :


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