Wednesday, August 1, 2012

2012 Olympics Badminton Women Doubles Group Matches Fiasco

That was a really dumb thing to do.Right during the Olympics and obviously showing their defiance just as what happened in the Thomas and Uber Cup preliminaries when some teams played to lose.Surely there are better ways to lose,for eg. just using it as a practice match.No one can help them now,but the badminton body should have more sense to realise that it was a disaster waiting to happen by insisting on all those group matches.
Even more silly was focussing the TV camera on the lesser players even at the advanced stages when more exciting games were being played,depriving millions of watching classic encounters on the TV.Lesser players can be seen regularly on the regular tournaments!Whatever happened to excellence in sports or is sports all about marketing?



    Well said Gopichand.
    Winning and losing is part of sports but behaving like a monkey on court during the Olympics is asking for punishment.


    china's official response

  3. What a farce,of course it takes morons to make a mockery of badminton in front of spectators in the Olympics.

    But what a silly system.If you were playing in a round robin and you know very well you are going to lose an Olympic medal chance if you top the group,are you going to play to win? The booboo is with the Badminton Federation,they forgot that badminton players are also human and the Olympics is not the Goodwill Games.