Monday, July 2, 2012

2012 Asian Youth under 19 Badminton Championships

Just to confirm how far Japan has progressed, beat Korea in semis and China 3-0 in the finals.And that is after having lost 1-3 to China in the group stages.


  1. It was about 10 years ago when Park Joo Bong's contract with Malaysia expired.He wanted to stay and develop Malaysia as a badminton hub but was unable to get a grant for a piece of land to build his badminton academy.Today he has taken Japanese badminton to new heights which will likely to continue even after he leaves.Imagine,a country as insular as Japan allowing a foreigner to chart its sports future,in contrast to Malaysia,equally insular but unwilling to trust foreigners but willing to pay expat wages for local "talent" resulting in the stagnation of today. But that is nothing new,its true of all walks of life,with the agenda of "dominance",affirmative action,tribal loyalty etc.Not just in badminton,only the blind cannot see where we're heading,jaguh kampung.

  2. China returns home empty handed for the first time in many seasons of the Asian Juniors.To me it is not that there is a shortage of talent in the juniors,it is probably caused by the fact that the China competitors were unseeded and had to fight tooth and nail through many rounds in the individual events.This may be caused by their insistence on shooting their own feet by playing politics by for example boycotting the last worlds in Taipeh,or being oblivious to the fact that other countries such as Japan,Thailand,Taipeh or India are fast catching up and these are countries with no shortfall in technical know-how and ability.