Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lee Chong Wei gets embroiled in a drugs controversy.


All pointers indicate that it is LCW,
but it is most likely an accident
that occurred during rehabilitation
from injury.

What former players say :



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  1. It is obvious at least to me that Lee Chong We's self destruction
    is caused by trying to do too much.He must have overstrained
    in participating and winning too many tournaments causing a massive
    strain on his "old" body.He probably was too eager to recover from his injuries to continue playing and winning the big one and also maintaining his No.1 position,and probably made a mistake in his medication during recovery from injuries.
    Hopefully other players will learn from this episode and all the best to those like Wang Lin and Wang Xin who never recovered.
    Hopefully Li Xue Rue will not end up like Lee Chong Wei.