Friday, August 29, 2014

Saina Nehwal's call to limit participation of China players in women's singles tournaments

Taken in the wrong context, this suggestion will
reflect badly on Saina as it may appear that she is
like backward people demanding affirmative action.
What she is really referring to are several occasions in the
past when she had too many China competitors to play against
and some gained a distinct advantage in further rounds when they
received walkovers from teammates which allowed them to conserve
energy for later rounds when they played against other opponents.
It is not cheating but clearly a case of bullying other competitors by
ganging up against them.
The solution should be changing the scoring format so that the game
would not be so emphatic on physical fitness and more on skill and
strategy.Also players should not be forced to participate in
tournaments by the BWF forcing them to escape playing when they
dont really want to play because they want to avoid injury.
 China is not really that dominant in women's singles when
all they have are really three top players.The lesser players however
can do damage to opponents  by giving walkovers to teammates or
tiring out opponents.
As it is China is already giving some tournaments a miss like in Table
Tennis and in the process giving opportunities to other players to
 win more prize money and encouraging them to take up the sport.
What is not needed is the BWF forcing players to participate in
tournaments against their will.China players should also realise that
ganging up against other players is destructive and selfish and is
tantamount to shooting its own feet and Li Yong Bo should educate
them against giving a perception of being bullies and pack wolves but
instead insist more on fair play in order to promote their own sport.
As far as badminton is concerned, China should shed its ugly American
image and produce great players like Lee Chong Wei or Lin Dan or
Li Xue Rui instead of a band of little monkeys trying to bring down
giants by ganging up and softening them up first.China should concentrate
on its tradition of producing noble and outstanding people capable of
greatness instead of little people like the cheats found in other countries
in cycling,football,formula 1 or athletics who would do anything to win.

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