Sunday, June 23, 2013

Malaysia Boleh today-The pain that just won't go away

What people dont realise is that this slogan

depicting blind optimism represents the archaic

mentality and mindset of  certain people in the

70s and 80s,championed by our Father of Corruption

and that lives today and is reflected in some 70 % of

these people still having the mindset of lazy,dependent

and backward scroungers and parasites after half a

century of affirmative action.

In fact the propoganda has worked so well that these

bums really believe that they "Boleh" and start to behave

like Nazis persecuting,ostracising and sabotaging other

communities and believing that they are better off without

others feeding them,fanned by our Father of Corruption,

the ultimate Anarchist.Boleh?

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