Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Axiata Cup Badminton on TV

Been watching off and on some of the match-ups

in the tournament.Whilst this Telecoms Malaysia company

tries to promote itself as a reginal Telecoms company via this

2nd rate badminton event closed for Asean members only with

some participation by aging Asian and European All Stars to

draw some interest, the commentarry on TV is  horrendous.

Whilst Burgess is barely getting by, it is marred further by a

Neanderthal of a partner called Tonto or something.

  It shows in the total lack of understanding of badminton

especially in the match of Darren Liew vs Scott Evans.And

there is the habitual and unprofessional bad-mouthing of other

players not connected to the tournament.No doubt the natives

of these region have an in-built trait of bad-mouthing and sabotaging

challenges to them instead of competing against them (which have

pervated into all communities living amongst them), it is unbecoming

of a respectable TV station broadcasting a sports event. There is the

incessant spewing of sheer bull-shit in trying to prove that the person

knows the game which only manages to expose the ignorance

in the commentary.

I think sports commentary has reached an all time low, with such

poor standards,luckily it is only confined to Axiata and not BWF.

 It is deplorable to have to listen to commentary from someone

who obviously does not play badminton, and also shows his

caveman instincts typical of badminton fans of this region.

 Well I will continue to watch certain matches that are not too

political or insular in nature with the sound off of course.

 And they said Gillian Clarke is biased and bad.

Have it your way brader, you're all shooting your own feet. 

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