Saturday, October 15, 2011

1983 Malaysia Open Badminton

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  1. The list of Malaysian Open winners from 1937 can be found in Wiki.Some may wonder why no Opens from 1970 to 1982? Well after the riots in 1969 and the new government economic policy on affirmative action (which continues to this day), there was less funding for sports and the communities affected by the economic changes preferred to keep a low profile,the Sideks however took the opportunity to shine where others could not.A somewhat similar situation to Indonesia in 1998 where after the murders in Jakarta the Chinese vanished and up came Taufik.Susi Susanti had to play the Uber Cup in HK whilst her fellow community members were being roasted in Jakarta, no wonder she lost!Indonesia does not hide the fact that she does not want badminton to be dominated by one community and this is the main cause of their decline, here, we are also aiming for the same at a much slower pace and this is achieved by mainly pulling the money strings.