Friday, August 19, 2011

Morten Frost Hansen

Frost was World no.1 for 7 years. If No.1 seeding is the criteria Frost would be the most accomplished player, his wins included 4 AE Finals victories,and losing the 85 and 87 World Champs to Han Jian and Yang Yang.In contrast Zhao Jian Hua and Han Jian won at least 1 World Championships and Yang Yang twice.


  1. Latest news is that Frost has retired from badminton coaching and joined the finance and real property sector.

  2. by going to BWF site and checking on players head to head,and after clicking onto details of tournaments around 1989 and 1990 it is surprising to see that players like Zhao Jian Hua or Yang Yang seldom win GP tournaments (now called SS) they are usually beaten in finals by Ardi,Poul Erik, Frost etc but will inevitably shine in Big occasions like Thomas Cup or World Championships.This trend continues to this day where China Stars peak only in Thomas Cup,Olympics or Worlds.

  3. In truth by 1990 Yang Yang was on the decline just
    like Lin Dan today, whilst players like Ardy, Poul Erik and Joko were on the rise.Zhao Jian Hua soldiered on another 2 years as he had not achieved securing the big ones or had to help the youngsters to come up.